Richard Cahlén

Richard Cahlén’s love for the camera was born when he was very young, so his career path was a natural choice. He bought his first real camera in the early 1970s, a time when his interest in photography overshadowed everything else. A passion for pop music since his teens led to plenty of concert pictures: Led Zeppelin, Mothers Of Invention and Ten Years After are just some examples.

Richard was working at the photo department at the NK department store in Stockholm one day in May 1977 when none other than Marc Bolan stepped in to buy a Polaroid camera. The following day Bolan had a show in Stockholm and allowed Richard to take backstage pictures. He also managed to smuggle in his camera to the after-show party at a club. “When I started taking pictures of Marc surrounded by girls the guards told me that I had to stop, but I explained that I was there on the invitation of Marc, so then it was okay,” remembers Richard. When Marc Bolan died in a car accident a few months later, Richard Cahlén’s pictures from one of the glam-rock star’s final shows became highly sought-after.

That same year Richard started his own firm and began a five year period when pop and rock photography dominated. His main employer was the Vecko-Revyn weekly and Richard photographed most of the big artists who visited Sweden: Rod Stewart, Elton John and The Ramones, to name a few. However, at the start of the Eighties Richard Cahlén felt he had photographed enough concerts and moved on to working with a wide variety of clients, like taking pictures of celebrities for the popular weeklies.

After many decades in the service of the camera, Richard left us in 2012.
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