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Premium Rockshot in Stockholm, is Scandinavia's largest photo archive specializing in music- and entertainment with focus on rock & pop artists from the 1950s to the 2000s. We supply archive artist photos from the most renowned Swedish rock photographers to various professional customers worldwide for enchantment of their CDs & digital music releases, printed books, e-books, apps, websites, newspapers, magazines, TV-programs, DVD / movies and even games.

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3. All photos are professionally scanned in high resolution, stored and supplied as TIFF files.
4. After agreement on usage and price, we deliver digital files as you prefer (FTP, e-mail, Yousendit or Wetransfer). We offer re-scanning when you have specific needs.
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Premium Rockshot is a division of Internal AB, which also runs the book publisher Premium Publishing. We are a member of the picture suppliers organisation BLF, part of the International CEPIC. The Rockshot archive has been growing day by day since 1996 and is owned by music business veteran and music archeologist Wilhelm Wendt who also gladly handles all acquisitions of photo portfolios. Head of archive operations is renowned music expert and rock musician Roger Holegård.

Among the photographers we currently represent are:
Peder Andersson, Bo Arrhed, Calle Ballonka, Richard Cahlén, Torbjörn Calvero, Sven-Eric Delér, Torbjörn Ehrnvall, Hans Ekestang, Conny Ericson, Lars Falck, Patrick Goulet, Anders Hanser, Hans Hatwig, Ulf H. Holmstedt, Caj Högberg, Ola Lager, Lasse Larsson, Göran Lindsjöö, Ulf Magnusson, Bengt H. Malmqvist, Michael J. Nordström, Lars Åke Palén, Anders Roth, Anders Tengner and Bo Trenter.

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